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STG OFFICE NUMBER: 03-40221919

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STG OFFICE NUMBER: 03-40221919

Updated: Jun 2009

Eat & Earn Plan in Steven's Tea Garden- Steven Corner New Brand

Joining as SLEEPING business partner at RM40K, get maximum profit sharing of RM75K + Food voucher worth RM40K.

Min.Capital for those less affordable= RM400. Check below for more details !!!



1) Who are Steven Corner & Steven Tea Garden?

-Steven Corner established since 1977, famous outlets include in Pandan Indah, OUG, Setapak.
- 32 years experience in F & B ( Food & Beverage).

- Leader in Mamak Restaurant.

- The Biggest Mamak Stall in Malaysia ( 1000 capacity in Setapak Outlet).

-Now planning to open 100 FIVE Star Mamak café called Steven’s Tea Garden.

-Company official websire,


2) So far where does Steven Tea Garden outlet located?

- The first outlet is in Sunway pyramid, next to Bar-celona, next outlets include Ampang Utama Jusco, Midvalley, Bukit Bintang, Tesco Semenyih, Genting, Bukit Tinggi Jusco and the list goes on.

-For more Outlet Photo, click,

3) What Plan is the company introducing to public?

-Introducing an Innovative Cooperative plan ( Eat & Earn) with Win & Win Concept.

-Low capital, Reasonable Returns & Hassle Free.

-Steven will share us part of their profit once we become their partner.

-Now everyone can be part of Steven strategic business partner.

4) Is it a Direct Sell, Get Rich Scheme or so on? Is it a Legal Plan?

- The Win & Win Concept (Blue Ocean Strategy) is not a get rich scheme or ordinary direct sell.

-Steven business plan is legal, company will provide Contract/Agreement with Government Stamping.

-This plan is different from Illegal Deposit Taking or kind of High Yield Investment Product( HYIP) .The concept is simple as We are buying 'Food Prepaid Card' from Steven, we can use the points inside the card to pay food in any Steven's Outlet.

-In return for supporting our company, Steven will give you part of the profits depend on the package that you join.

5) How much is the capital required?

-Depend on the package, from as low as Rm400 to RM40, 000

- Let said if we join RM 4000 package, we will finally have food voucher of RM4000 in a CARD which can be used in any Steven Outlet with no expiry date. Nth waste for us.

6) How much is the profit?

-The Monthly profit shared is depends on the package that we joined.

-For the Master plan from RM4000 (Classic) - Rm40, 000(platinum), we will get monthly profit IN CASH from Rm150-Rm1500 up to maximum 50 months.


Let think again, if we buy food in KFC or MacDonald, will they share their profit with us every month?

-For the Ezzi pack from as low as RM400, we just need to find 2 member and we will get paid RM100 from company. Our income will be great as our group grow from time to time as for every pair, we can get minimum of RM100. For this package, we can’t get the monthly profit which is from RM150-RM1500 from company.

-For more info,

7) Is it we will be given a Steven Card?

- Let say we join RM4000 package, our Card will have total 4000 points which equal with RM4000.

-The card can be used in any Steven outlet with no expiry date.

-We even can make supplement card if we like to share with family, relative or friends.

8) Is the Return Given by Company Reasonable & Achievable?

-The monthly profit sharing (RM150-RM1500) is a reasonable amount.

-For a new brand, advertisement is very important and it costs a substantial amount.

-Steven concept is different in which instead of paying to Astro, Fly-Fm or TV3 for advertisement, Steven is more willing to pay us the advertisement fees.

- It is surely win and win strategy. Besides, it is well recognized that marketing using 'mouth' is among the most powerful tools.

8) How do we get paid?

- After we joined as member, we will have one Free E-Account, all transactions and related infomation will be recorded there.

- If we want to withdraw money from the E-Account to any bank, just click and the transactions will be completed within days.

9) Is Food & Beverage (F&B) Business stable enough? Will the company bankrupt or run away?

-Steven has experience more than 30 years and it has well recognized brand especially in KL.

-The business turnover is great and it will be pointless if Steven introducing a FAKE Plan to customers which can tarnish the 30 Years of Branding.

-F & B business is the least affected no matter how bad the economic is.

-With the Win-Win Plan to customers, Steven business will have extra advantage compare to others.

- Besides, Mamak ‘s food is able to cater to the needs of various races include Malay, Chinese, Indian & others.

-For more info, kindly refer to

10) Is there any extra advantage if we refer this plan to relative or friends?

-Yes, the more friends you introduce, the more commission you will get.

- We do not need to perform any product demo or any complicated presentation to our friend, just spend half and hours to enjoy dinner together with friend & at the same time to intro this great membership plan to our friend only.

-Thus, we can eat and earn at the same time. That is rather easy.

-For more info, kindly refer to

11) Does company provide Complete Set Of Business Presentation or Online Referral System for efficient online promotion?

-Company does not provide both of these.

-However, with our initiative & special support,it is LIMITED AVAILABLE FOR OUR GROUP ONLY.

-With Colour Set of Business Presentatation + Online Referral System+ PowerPoint Presentation, OUR GROUP will have extra advantages to thrive in this business venture.

Any Inquiry is welcomed,
Benson(From Steven Group)



Special Limited Promotion

For Members that activate their account ( Master Plan) within 1 weeks time will GET RM50- RM100 REBATE Limited From Our Group Only,




Cash, Cheque, Bank-in, Credit card (Preferable)

Best Regards,

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How eat & earn?? Skim Cepat Kaya?? Get rich scheme? Scam??Illegal Plan??

When I first heard about Steven's Tea Garden Business Plan from Steven's Corner, i was in doubt and curious that i spent quite a long time to study this plan. Some think this is another kind of 'Skim Cepat Kaya' ,scam or some are afraid that the company will bankrupt and they will run away. I understand why many people are having such concern, even myself having such concerns when i first heard about this plan.

However,after I went to Steven's Tea Garden office and listened to their Business Concept Presentation,study on the plan carefully, I decided to join Steven's Tea Garden Business Plan because with the Top Reasons as stated in my previous post.

It is not a 'Skim Cepat Kaya' because it doesn't promise that we will not get rich in a short period of time. In fact, 200% return in 40-50 Months time is a very reasonable plan. Steven's Tea Garden's Membership Prepaid Card plan is a very good marketing plan. Instead of using million of ringgit to advertise on newspaper or TV, Steven's Tea Garden's is using Membership Prepaid Card plan to reward their member who act like Mobile Advertiser.

This win & win business concept is rather new in our country and that is why many not understand about the plan and various misconceptions pop up. This Business Concept is what future business will operate with- BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY.

Versi Bahasa Melayu:

Top Reasons TO Join Steven's Tea Garden- Project By Steven's Corner

mv.jpgSpecial Cooperation plan (Eat & Earn) From STG !!!
1. Established Company with Recognized Brand
Company with 30 -Year Experiences in Mamak’s restaurant.
Plan to open 100 Cafes (Steven’s Tea Garden) within 5 years.
2. Large Business Market
Mamak ‘s food is able to cater to the needs of various races include Malay, Chinese, Indian & others.
Steven's Tea Garden is having a huge market. Have you ever heard about cafe like Kim Gary or Station One Cafe? These cafe main customers are mostly Chinese which is the 30% of Malaysia population. In short, STG can have 100% new market.
3. Malaysia 1st 5-Star cafe with Membership Package
Able to bring more sales to company, thus able to consistently share parts of the profit to members in the form of Advertisement Fees which stated in CONTRACT + GOV.STAMPING( Min.200% Returns in 40-50 months, at least 50% Returns Per Year). It is already greater that what Warren Buffet,World Greatest Investor, can earn in stock market, average 24% per year.
Food & Beverage industry is a very stable industry. People still need to eat no matter what is happening. With Steven's Corner 30 years of experience in the industry, they can manage Steven's Tea Garden pretty well.
4. Monthly Food Points+ Advertisement Fees( RM150-RM1500 Monthly for MAX.50 Months)
Just eat at any Steven’s outlet and at the same time you can get monthly advertisement fees. Is that easy?
Advertising Fee is the Monthly fee in CASH that is paid by the company to the members as part of Profit Sharing.
5. Bring Convenience to Customers
Just like 7-11 concept, STG is doing 24-HOUR CASH BUSINESS.( Not all)
6. Amazing Rewards
The more friends you recommend, the more rewards (Cash) you will get.
7. Free Web Referral System
Website system will automatically activate a replicate website with your USERID. Thus, we can promote this business using internet. This system is limited and available for our group only.

How do we get paid???
After we joined as member, we will have one Free E-Account, all transactions will be recorded there. If we want to withdraw money from the E-Account to any bank, just click and the transactions will be completed within days.

The first outlet is in Sunway pyramid, next to Bar-celona, next outlets include Midvalley, Bukit Bintang, Genting, Tesco Semenyih, Ampang Utama Jusco, Bukit Tinggi Jusco and the list goes on.

Any Inquiry,
Benson-From Steven's Group 

Steven's Corner Latest Membership Plan (EAT & EARN) For Anyone Interested.

**Free Business Talk by Steven's CEO/ Marketing Director,

Venue: Steven HQ, Setapak

Limited Seat, appointment is recommended.
For more details,
Kindly SMS/Contact,
Benson -
We will contact u for an appointment.

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VISIONS & MISSIONS Of Steven's Tea Garden Blogspot

The Visions & Missions of this blog:

1. To provide details, background, history of successful Steven’s Corner.

2. To become an informative, updated blog from time to time.

3. To share the innovative membership plan to public, which is a new different concept used in franchise industry. At the same time, helping more and more to earn PASSIVE INCOME through this special WIN-WIN PLAN.

4. To serve more information and details about that cooperation plan.
To further explain how this LEGAL PLAN works.

5. To instill people in doing a totally-different marketing plan and at the same time generate more successful individuals in business field.

6. To promote Steven’s Corner famous dishes and beverages so that all of us are able to taste the true secret recipes of Mamak cuisines.

7. To build a powerful and even firm network of thousands of people out there using our extra powerful REFERRAL ONLINE SYSTEM- Just available for this group.

8. To act as a supportive alternative website in promoting and introducing something new about Steven’s TeaGarden.


Any Inquiry,
Benson=0127334511 ( From Steven's Group Of Companies)

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